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This is Charon Faustinus's personal website

Exlitry.World (or Exlitry verse) are created by Charon Faustinus

This is the result of 4000+ hours in VRChat.

Some part of this website use cutting edge technology such as JPEG XL, AV1, AVIF, and OPUS codec. If you don't see something in this website, please use Firefox.

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My music is taste range from Classical musics to Heavy Metal to Hyperpop.
Also, I use Tidal as streaming service. And usally I'll listen to physical media such as MiniDisc, Cassatte, and CD.

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What exactly is this site?

In the world of Exlitry humans were living alongside with some another creatures. Some of them are robot, some of them are hybrids. Nobody knows the origin of them. Scientist and historian assume that they’re another race to have evolution, and become another intelligent species alongside with Homo sapiens.

But some of them are created in the labs, like a robot and synthesized creatures. These technologies advantage can be utilized and make a new creature. But then, the world government halts the creation of a new creature for a lot of reason. One of them is incident like 8/30 incident. But there’s still a new creature being secretly created occasionally.

Likewise, any kind of media like music, movie, TV shows, video games, viral video, meme, and any kind of media are link to the real world. You’ll sometime see a character interact with them and can be a part of the story. But to not get you surprised, Some of those might not exist in real world.

About author

Hello! I’m Charon Faustinus. A 24 years old bisexual creature that lives on the internet! You might know me from VRChat, I do this in my free time alongside with other things such as Video Editing, Sound Designer, All kind of Post-Production, and Internet creature. If you like my work, you can follow me on (Formal mobile friendly link)

Feels free to read and take a look around the sites and all of my characters. Note that English is not my primary language. so there's gonna be a funny Engrish moment there and there. Also feels free to sign the guest book!

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