Content Warning: This story contains blood and injury.

Date: 2022-07-23 “Gosh… I feel dizzy”

A small voice from the bird that got a hard hit against the window on someone else condo, after he was losing control of his flight. He lay there on a balcony, blood pouring out slowly. Heartbeat by heartbeat, His eyes start to losing visions. This might have been a final day of his life. But then, someone comes up to the window, it appeared to be a protogen.

Protogen: “Oh… are you… okay?”

That protogen opens the balcony door and rush to get the bird inside. No respond after that question has been asked. Maybe it was little too late. The protogen quickly open the door to his labs, and lay him down on the wide table. Just to check on the bird’s pulse.

Protogen: “Irregular pale heartbeats, losing too much blood…”

He grab some wiring and pads and stick on the bird’s head. It was a hay of wires. The protogen is trying to save the bird’s brain, identity, knowledge, and memories. Those things are the most valuable, and it’s what separate one person from another. The Electrocardiogram starts emitting a long beep, signaling that the bird’s small and fragile heart has stop beating. It’s mean that his organic brain no longer receive oxygen and the brain cells are slowly dying. But the unknown fact to that protogen is that bird has stop breathing at the moment he hit the window.

Protogen: “Back up back up… Come on…”

Typing keyboard intensify and echoes across the room. The computer starting a backup, making a copy of the bird’s brain.



> Y_

Protogen: “Please…”

Faint voice coming out from the protogen after computer, showing some sign of unrecovered cells. While a protogen still on paranoid, He turns off the EKG1 and stare at the bird corpse on the table, soaking and dripping with blood.

Protogen: “Maybe I’m still can… Save him… Maybe I still can!”

The protogen quickly jump up from the chair and go into his storage room. Maybe He’s got something else to save that bird. After a while, He runs back to the lab with some bag of what’s looks like bioluminescent blood, Metal parts, and some screen looking device. He placed down everything next to the vegetative states bird.

To insert artificial parts, some of the organic part needs to be removed due to limitation of technology. He starts by draining all the blood out from the body. Using the same method as how ECMO2 machine works in real life. Bioluminescent blood slowly filled into the body. He also noticed that the legs also badly injured. Not only that, but the legs have deformed, something very bad might happen to this guy before he was hitting the window.

After 30 minutes of nonstop surgery, Visor has put in place and assemble the bird shape. Total time of this resurrection is 4 hours and 37 minutes. The visor and armor are fits in place. 45% of organic part are removed.

Protogen: “Alright… He should be good now… I hope”

Suddenly, the screen on the bird boots up. It has a chime sound and the screen lit up to life. The bird sits and starts looking around the place.

Bird: “I’m… alive?”
Protogen: “Yes!… you’re alive.”

The bird remember the injury, It’s a good sign that his core memories are intact. That protogen smiles with the feeling of successful. This might not be his first attempt, but this is another step in his resurrection achievement.

Bird: “But where am I?… Did you save me– Oh!… What have I become!”

The bird looks at his legs and feet, realizing and shocked to see that his body parts has become robotic. He can control his legs like it was his own legs. The Protogen walks close to the Bird’s body.

Protogen: “Yes, I did. With some help of advance technology.”
Bird: “… Thank you…”

The bird hug the protogen.

Protogen: “Aww…”
Bird: “Thank you so much… for saving my life.”
Bird: “What is your name?”
Protogen: “Charon, Nice to meet you”
Bird: “Nice to meet you too, Charon. I’m Ice…”

Ice is base on Avigen species by MikeDaBird:
Part of this story are extened from Avigen species lore.

This was inspired by a real event that happen to me. A bird flew into my condo window and hit itself against the wall. By the time when I found him, he was half-dead on the ground. So, I bring him inside. Trying to calm him down (Bird was in shock state, but the eyes still blinking.) Feed him a rice and water, the next day he didn’t make it…

From that moment I keep talking to myself “What if I bring him to veterinary instead of try taking care of him by myself.” “I want him to be alive…” I give him a proper send off under the big tree. RIP little guy.

  1. Electrocardiogram 

  2. Extracorporeal Life Support or ECLS