Date: 2022-08-30

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Audio transcription:

News Reporter: This is 5 o’clock evening news and there’s a latest report from the moon, government funded synthesized creatures project goes uncontrollably wrong, the subject has goes berserk and murdered all the scientist.

The government state that they’re working to rescuing all the scientist who are still survived. But a report from another source just come in and state that, an onboard radio communication was cut off 2 hours after the incident and last report from the camera feed is not looking good. The government state they’re looking into this incident and will take action immediately.

We hope for the best for all those scientists.

This is the end of 5 o’clock evening news and My name is –, We will be back after commercial break.

// TODO: Add news audio

Audio transcription:

Man: Alright, subject 0203, Can you identify yourself?

OS: My name is OS…

Man: Subject 0203 this is your 1052nd day after you’ve been active. Do you feel any discomfort about your body?

OS: I don’t…

Man: Good, now i want you to tell about–

[The recording was corrupted]

OS: I don’t… I don’t want to become a weapon… What is the reason to kill those people

Man: [Banging Table]

Man: Listen here you little shit. I know who you are and what you are made from. I can just deactivate you and just scraped you back into a goo. There’s no time to have a moral rant, Those people are still out there, invading our country. And what are you?

OS: Sorry, I’m not doing it.

Man: Fine… then this might make you change your mind.

[Buzzer, electrical, OS scream]

Man: How’s that huh?

OS: I… am… not… a… weapon…

Man: Well, It’s too late to say that now boy.

[Buzzer, electrical, OS scream]


[Footsteps, Door opens]

Man: Subject 0203 has fail, We don’t need to process any further. Report that to HQ.

[Door closed]

OS: I am…

OS: I am… OS!

[Electrical pulse, Screams, Glass break]

[Recording cut off]

News audio reading by: WIP