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Extra story

At IEMP office, After calling the mechanic. XAM-1 still disabled due to overheating issue. He forgot to refill his coolant before taken him outside the base.

Charon: “Yeah… uh… I don’t know why he fell like that. The sparks flew out and he just fell.”

Mechanic: “Hmm, okay, good thing that He have a fall save system that deactivate him after curtain amount of heat. Just refill his coolant and everything will be fixed.”

Charon: “U sure about that?”

Mechanic: “Trust me I’m a mechanic :)”

10 Minutes after the water pour down into XAM-1’s coolant port. His eyes lit up and slowly gets up.

XAM-1: “What happedned?”

Mechanic: “You overhea–”
Charon: “You died”

XAM-1: “Well, I’m XAM-2 then–”
Charon: “No!”

XAM-1 is Chimera RECON Base model by lackofbindings

Charon is NKD Protogen Base model by Nukude

Charon Protogen texture by Sealeo65

World used in this video The Pact By hdorriker