This is 1.2

  • Removed the virtual date used in notes. These are not make any sense and usually make it very confusing.
  • I have been considering making this website into my personal blogs. It’ll still contain story and lore related stuffs. It’ll just have more updates and anything else.
  • That might just change things around, but I’ve been considering a lot of time spending and building lore is never going anywhere, especially the lame engrish writing skills. (pun intended)
  • Ditching Cloudflare in 2024??? As it seems like a bad idea. I feel like they’re too big on the internet. This site will still use Cloudflare in 2024, but at some point, I’ll switch away from it.
  • I’m moving away from changelog style of posting update to a website.
  • I never got a free time to update the site anymore as the work and all life gets in the way, just like all responsible adulthood. Growing up was a mistake. And the job is ruining me.