This is 1.3.1

  • Turn off filmgrams by default (for mobile)
  • Add robonet webring
  • Remove ads
  • Still no mobile layout

So I’ve been on the ThaiTails furry convention and handing out those stickers for a while. And my oganic legs is killing me after 6 hours of walking and standing stright. That’s fine because I’ve got some image for you.


Sometimes I appeared as an organic walking compound, just to not freak people of the earth out and not captured by the FBI. Stickers

If you saw a weird looking bird with a teapot stickers and got a bunch of it. Maybe tweet to me at @charonfaustinus any communication methods.

Waterwolf Flyers

Yes, I’m the one who print out all the Waterwolf Flyers, I’ve been looking for more local people to join in VR. Waterwolf is the great start for the VRChat community.

The RoboNet Webring

Recently, Galexion has launched The RoboNet Webring. It’s the webring for people who interest in robots. You should check it out and maybe consider joining the webring if you’re qualified for it.(Read the rules in the site first.)

In the mean time maybe check out the good friends of mine Galexion