Update Dec 20, 2023: A comeplate website changes.

This is 1.3

  • Remove the old boring layout.
  • Added a new one, with a lot of fun goofy stuffs.
  • Not mobile compatible.
  • Cry
  • Merry Christmas XAM-1 wearing Christmas hat.

Update Dec 20, 2023: The deprecation of the virtual date, Turning this side into personal blogs?

This is 1.2

  • Removed the virtual date used in notes. These are not make any sense and usually make it very confusing.
  • I have been considering making this website into my personal blogs. It’ll still contain story and lore related stuffs. It’ll just have more updates and anything else.
  • That might just change things around, but I’ve been considering a lot of time spending and building lore is never going anywhere, especially the lame engrish writing skills. (pun intended)
  • Ditching Cloudflare in 2024??? As it seems like a bad idea. I feel like they’re too big on the internet. This site will still use Cloudflare in 2024, but at some point, I’ll switch away from it.
  • I’m moving away from changelog style of posting update to a website.

Update Mar 03, 2023: You can now sort notes

This is 1.1

  • Update about section
  • Add sort by new to old and old to new in Notes.

Update Feb 08, 2023: Launch version 1.0

Welcome, this is the first version of this site, any feedback, bug, typo, or grammar error can be sent to charon.faustinus@gmail.com

As you may know from the footer, This site has used Jekyll and Textlog theme. It might not have any fancy effect, but it’s light on phone and any device. So you can focus on reading.