Name: AS-06

Race: Drachetype / Synth

Age: 2 (On duty) / 25 (AI age)

W/H: 135 Kg (297 Ibs) / 198 Cm (6.4 ft.)

Gender / Orientation: Male (AI assigned) / Bisexual

Bio: Born in the lab while experimenting with the cutting age synth technology. Serve on duty as officer for 2 years with the code name AS-06. Every police officer in the CFPD called him 06 (Oh-six) as a nickname. He doesn’t care much about emotions. Just wanted to do the best on his job as an officer and serve citizen. Sometimes he did enjoy music, but rarely.

Fuel: Nobody known, as it’s a confidential document. A rumor that said he might have a real human heart and eat like a human. But never be seen in public.

Relationship: No one on the Exlitry world (As long as the main characters) really met him in real life. Charon Faustinus is only person that get to saw him on the internet but didn’t really meet him in person.