Image of XAM-1 sitting inside the cockpit of an unknown model fighter jet. His face expressing angry eyes. Left hand on an accelerator, and right hand on a control stick.

Name: XAM-1

Race: Chimera RECON

Age: 3 weeks (on duty) / 30 (AI Age)

W/H: 105 Kg (231 Ibs) / around 164 Cm (5.38 ft.)

Gender / Orientation: Male (AI assigned) / Asexual

Pronouns: He/Him/It

Fuel: Plutonium-238

Bio: Military’s new experiment on engineering work, An airplane that shaped like a bird. Built in with small jet engine on the back, Served in Military since 2023. XAM-1 is working in multipurpose role. He is capable of understanding advance human feeling, and can be used for emotional support bird, even his camo skin might not be friendly for everyone.

While XAM-1 is waterproof and can be operated while raining or being half submerged in water. It is not recommended due to the size of an engine and hydraulic system.

Appearance and Personality: The “Scar” mark at his right eyes is not a real scar, It’s there for a decoration. He has a sharp looking head, that’s design for his aerodynamic. Try to avoid booping nose if possible, unless you have robot hand. (For organic being, recommend petting his head instead.)

Due to small engine, He can’t have a very thick armor attach to his body. But instead, he has interchangeable arm, body and legs armor plate. He can be in forest camo, or snow camo. Hydraulic system can be seen from outside. This may have durability and combat protection concern, and risking of being destroyed by a small bullets. But that scenario never happened.

While he’s an AI that only activate for 3 weeks, He also has some glitch in the system about questioning his identity, and He starts to develop some sort of paranoid of something else. The engineer can’t still identify this for some reason. If this paranoia has become too severe, that’s mean He might need to deactivate. But thanks for his kindness and his useful role inside the base. He was not targeted to decommission.

A small black box (Flight recorder) can be located at the back of his head, This contains AI data, memories, and flight path alongside with various status. If this box gets destroyed, It’s only mean that He has reached the point of no return. Even someone rebuilt a new unit, It’s not going to be the same himself, because all of his memories are gone.

Charon: “What’s make us ourselves? It is just because of those memories storing inside our brain? If I start losing every memory about who I am, Am I still myself? Or I am someone else?”

Fig 1. A Forest camo

Fig B. Snow camo

Fig A. A Forest camo Fig B. Snow camo