Exlitry Verse created by Charon Faustinus Like any other alternate universe, story progress in linear timeline alongside with real life.

About Exlitry Verse

In the world of Exlitry humans were living alongside with some another creatures. Some of them are robot, some of them are hybrids. Nobody knows the origin of them. Scientist and historian assume that they’re another race to have evolution, and become another intelligent species alongside with Homo sapiens.

But some of them are created in the labs, like a robot and synthesized creatures. These technologies advantage can be utilized and make a new creature. But then, the world government halts the creation of a new creature for a lot of reason. One of them is incident like 8/30 incident. But there’s still a new creature being secretly created occasionally.

Likewise, any kind of media like music, movie, TV shows, video games, viral video, meme, and any kind of media are link to the real world. You’ll sometime see a character interact with them and can be a part of the story. But to not get you surprised, Some of those might not exist in real world.

How to read?

Exlitry Verse progress to tell a story in liner, alongside with the real world. And it’ll not have something like fast forward scenario like “2000 Years later”. You can follow along the timeline at the front page. As the time goes on. The character might discover something new, and that added to the story, making characters feels more like a real living person.

All stories called Notes. In the Notes view, you can sort by Notes publication date or In world virtual date.

Notes publication date means all the Notes will sort by release date, If you’re looking for latest content this is the place for you. This has been sort by default on home page.

In world virtual date In world virtual date means all the Notes will sort by in universe date, If you’re looking for a chronological timeline reading, this is the place for you.

About author

Hello! I’m Charon Faustinus. You might know me from VRChat, I do this in my free time alongside with other things. If you like my work, you can follow me on charon.monster

Copyright infomation

No profit was made from this website.

Charon: “There’s one thing about inside the copyright realm that make it complicated to make the entire thing become fully copyright protected. Because this was create base on VRChat avatars and using a third party made base model. I can’t say that this thing is 100% copyrighted. So I have come up with a solution.”

All the story and concept are belonged to Charon Faustinus, the content seen in this can be reuse and turn into something else with CC-BY-NC following thses rules

  • You are allowed to create fan media, such as artwork, voice drama, music, etc.
  • You are required to credit the original artist or avatar/species creator, alongside with my name as a writer.
  • You are not allowed to turn anything on this side into commercial, profitable product.

Artist Credits

AS-06 base model: agitype01

Charon Protogen base model: Nukude

Charon Protogen Texture: Sealeo65

Ice base model: MikeDaBird

OS base Model: Milkpot / aoikarasu

XAM-1 base model: lackofbindings