Name: OS

Race: Anemo

Age: Become first known active 5 years ago.

W/H: ??? Kg (??? Ibs) / around 200 Cm (6.5 ft.)

Gender / Orientation: Male (assumed from voice)

Bio: Failed Experiment from the surface of the moon. Dr. [Retracted] to create one of the creature inside the base on the moon. Some leaked document said that he was constructed from a combination of carbon and mercury.

5 Years ago, It is become publically well known that, Os was born on the surface of the moon. From the ongoing experiment project about creating new creatures. The reason about why are they creating Os on the moon, it is because of the safety reason. “So if something goes wrong, Everyone on the earth are still safe.” Said the government. But they didn’t prepare for the 8/30 incident.

Fuel: ???

Relationship: None